Upgrade Yourself to 2.0

When you look in the mirror, do you cry or smile? Hmmmm…

When Apple or Microsoft decides that the current hardware or software is tired, outdated, or doesn’t function at optimal performance, what do they do? THEY UPGRADE IT! Many women continue to tell me that they don’t like the person that they’ve become. They’ve lost their identity. They do everything for everybody else. And they simply don’t know who they are anymore. Almost sounds like an acute case of amnesia. What use to be a girl on fire is now a 1.0 woman with barely a flicker.

If you’ve caught a case of amnesia, why not UPGRADE yourself to 2.0. Ask yourself. When did sweatpants become my entire wardrobe? Where is my comb? Why is my makeup dried up? Why are my clothes too small? If any of these thoughts cross your mind regularly, then it’s time for you to UPGRADE yourself to 2.0 because the 1.0 you is no longer cute, sexy, empowered, or attractive. In other words, you’re not functioning at optimal performance.

I realize you may think you are too busy to make these changes, but it only takes one download and restart of your current thinking to make this happen. If you got time to exhaust yourself with everybody else’s life, then you owe it to yourself to expend a little of that on you. Now go ahead, Click DOWNLOAD & RESTART in your mind right now. And I dare you to AGREE to live by your new terms and conditions.

Talking You Off The Ledge, because keeping it real has no safety net”

— DanaSimone!®
Author, What’s In Your 24? How To Get It Done Without Getting Outdone
Talk Show Host, #DanaSimoneShow

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