Secure Your Oxygen Mask First…

We’ve all heard those infamous words from the flight attendant, “…if you’re traveling with a child or next to someone that needs assistance, secure your mask first, then assist them.” As further defense for the selfish discussion I present in my book, the meaning behind this phrase is perfect reasoning to learning to become more selfish with your time and efforts as it relates to dealing with other people.

One of the reasons this statement is made is because if you try to assist someone else without proper oxygen, you pose more harm to yourself and run the risk of passing out. Hmm, look at it this way, if you aren’t happy or healthy (i.e. “oxygenated”), how in the heck do you expect to make someone else happy or take care of them in an ideal frame of mind?

Life is about taking care of you first, then everybody else is secondary. Remember that, the next time you decide to run an errand or cook for grown people instead of going to the gym or scheduling an overdue doctor’s appointment. When you know better, you do better.

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— DanaSimone!®
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