Destiny’s Door

Destiny’s Door (The Door) is a consulting firm that specializes in college preparation, job interviewing skills, and public speaking.  Destiny’s Door provides cutting edge information that targets two of the most critical stages in everyone’s life: entering college and joining the workforce.  We go beyond helping people “talk” about what they can do; we help people “be” about what they can do.

Our fee is nominal,
our customer service is untouchable, and
the experience is priceless.

The philosophy at The Door is to guide and assist you with the vital tools and resources to ensure that your child is one step closer to walking through Destiny’s Door of opportunity; where college, employment, and personal success is realized.

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You Are Now One Step Closer To Walking Through The Door Of Opportunity
Where College, Employment & Personal Success Is Realized.

College Prep Workshops

Getting ready for college is a very long and time-consuming process. There are numerous forms, applications, fees, essays, and letters of recommendations that must be prepared accurately and timely. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone that did this hard work for you? We hear parents often say that they want their children to attend college, but that they aren’t aware of the full process and don’t have time to fully prepare. That’s where we come in!

We offer college preparation (C-Prep) workshops to guide you through the college preparation process. We advise parents to start planning for the college admissions process as early as freshman year or even eight grade. The sooner you begin the preparation, the better you will maximize your child’s readiness and college experience.

The C-Prep Workshops consists of three comprehensive, strategic, and interactive sessions entitled READY * SET * GO! Each workshop is a duration of two hours with a maximum of six parent/child spots. Both your child and one parent are encouraged to attend. Our children should have some sweat equity and knowledge on planning their future.

Together, we will, at a minimum:

  • Determine the appropriate course of study based upon your child’s career goals,
  • Develop an action plan, and
  • Seek out scholarships,
  • Highlight basic information about financial aid (FAFSA) and other funding sources.

    Let Destiny’s Door get you and your child organized, enhance creative thinking while writing essays, keep you on track with deadlines, and motivate you while you prepare for one of the most important stages in your child’s life…
    going to college.

    (877) DOOR-NOB or (877) 366-7662